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Honoring the Women Behind Snappers on Mother’s Day

May 07, 2015

This Mother's Day, we honor the women and the history that built our company and continue to lead us today.

We were molded by our family tradition of chocolate making. As children our great grandmother, Yiayia Cookie, showed us how to decorate chocolate hearts for Valentine’s Day and chocolate bunnies for Easter.  As we grew, our grandmother taught us how to serve customers and to operate the register.  Once we were older, our mother shaped us into leaders and communicated to us the importance of fostering relationships within our community. Today, these experiences remain with us. As a fourth generation, certified women-owned family business we are inspired by the women in our lives. We are motivated by their tenacity in the workplace and their commitment to preserving our family tradition.

Our mothers, grandmothers, and great grandmothers are women who shaped the legacy that drives us to excel today. Their physical and emotional investments are echoed in every aspect of our business. Just as Yiayia Cookie delicately guided us in our movements decorating chocolate, her memory continues to guide us as we make decisions.

With each new recipe we create, we pay tribute to the generations that came before us.

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